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Gairal Forest Lodge

Gairal Forest Lodge


The Gairal Rest House is the second-best forest lodge after the Dhikala rest house in the Dhikala zone. The place where Gairal rest house situated is a cherish landscape situated snugly in the lap of beautiful nature far from the hustle-bustle of the metro. It is located approximately 13 km from the Dhangarhi gate(the entry gate of the Dhikala zone) and around 40 km from the Ramnagar city. The compound of the forest rest house is surrounded by the solar electric wire fences so that wild animal does not enter the premises. As the Gairal Forest Rest House is situated in the dense forest with mountains and rivers, making it a pleasant place to calm your mindset from all the tumultuous thoughts and invigorate it while staying here. Gairal FRH is Situated on the bank of Ramganga, which gives visitors a wonderful view of mountains and rivers, along with a chance to sight many wild animals such as elephants, deers, tigers, etc and witness their activities near the river bank. and it has more chances of tigers for gets sighted near the river bank who came for either for drinking water or in search of its quest. The elephants are always seen around the river for drinking water or bathing. Gairal is a heaven for bird lovers.


    The accommodation at the Gairal FRH is nice and comfortable in comparison to the few other forest houses in Corbett. Being a forest rest house, it offers only the limited amenities in its rooms but rooms and attached bathrooms are clean and everything inside it is in good working conditions. All the rooms have the large double-bed along with the same furnishing in every room so it really doesn't matter which room you will be allotted. The accommodation in Gairal is divided into the three sections which are:-

  • Old Forest Rest House - consists of 02 rooms
  • New Forest Rest House - consists of 04 rooms
  • Dormitory - consists of 08 beds


Gairal rest house has a canteen which offers buffett meal facility to all guest. Apart from meal if they want snacks in evening, mineral water guest can directly pruchase from canteen. No non veg dish is served at Gairal Forest rest house canteen.


04 new FRH rooms at Gairal are booked online and 2 Old FRH rooms are reserved from the corbett office located at Ramnagar. 8 bed dormitory are also reserved online.

Power Supply

Dhikala is the only forest rest house in corbett national park which has electricity.

Rooms specification

All the rooms at dhikala forest rest house are basic and there are no TV’s, AC’s. Though rooms have electricity points to charge your cameras and mobile. Rooms of same category can differ in size and space.